Practitioners leading research

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Engaging practitioners in research and encouraging reflective practice is central to NRDC’s remit. The Practitioner-Led Research Initiative (PLRI), which ran from 2004 to 2006, supported 17 groups of literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) practitioners in designing, developing and completing hands-on research and development projects. These projects addressed policy priorities in Skills for Life and important messages have emerged which will help in the future development of the strategy. This report summarises key findings and explores the lessons learnt from the process.

Hamilton, M., Davies, P. & James, K. (2007) Practitioners leading research: a report of action research projects from the NRDC Practitioner-Led Research Initiative (PLRI): Attracting new learners; Understanding purpose and perseverence in learners; How practitioners can engage in research; Creativity in the Skills for Life classroom; Resources to support practitioner research. NRDC: London