Greater than the sum…

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This is the report of the action research project: The Use of ICT in Adult. Numeracy Teaching in Scotland, Phase 2The Use of ICT in Adult Numeracy Teaching in Scotland was an action research1 and staff development project with adult literacies tutors who designed and undertook action research projects with learners in various settings across Scotland. These settings spanned community-based provision, the voluntary sector, Scotland’s Colleges, the workplace, university outreach and a prison. The aim of the project was to explore, extend and improve the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in adult numeracy teaching in Scotland in keeping with Adult Literacy and Numeracy in Scotland (Scottish Executive, 2001) and Adult Numeracy: Shifting the Focus (Coben, 2005).

Coben, D., Crowther, J., Kambouri, M., Mellar, H., Mogey, N., Morrison, S. & Stevenson, I. (2007) Greater than the sum… Report of the action research project: The use of ICT in adult numeracy teaching in Scotland, Phase 2. NRDC: London