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28 Aug 2014
NATECLA London ESOL Managers
Meeting Friday 24 October 15.00 - 17.00 at Lesoco

14 Aug 2014
ITT bursary scheme for FE
It is not too late to apply for funding.

13 Aug 2014
Train to teach adults
Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College

21 Jul 2014
'Motivated or Mandated'
Joint annual conference with NIACE, NRDC, RaPAL and UCU to support adults with maths and English - 20 October 2014, London.

18 Jul 2014
New publication (ESOL Nexus)
'Language issues in migration and integration: perspectives from teachers and learners', available online.

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The National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC) is dedicated to conducting research and development projects to improve literacy, numeracy, language and related skills and knowledge. NRDC is the national independent centre for adult literacy, numeracy and ESOL. Widely recognised for its expertise within England, the centre has an international reputation and works across the UK and worldwide.


Through these pages you have access to over 150 NRDC research reports and reviews as well as magazine features and teaching and learning resources related to adult literacy, language and numeracy.





Does numeracy matter more?


Most people recognise that a low level of literacy skill can make it difficult to function effectively in adult life, but it is often assumed that numeracy (i.e. being able to deal competently with numbers, tables and graphs) is less important than literacy. This study was designed to test whether this is in fact the case.


The study draws on data from two major longitudinal studies of the British population and aims to see how far poor numeracy is a problem in its own right or whether its effects cannot be separated from the effects of poor literacy.


The study concludes that numeracy does indeed matter and for women it matters more.








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Literacy, Numeracy and Disadvantage Among Older Adults in England





Teachers of adult literacy, numeracy and ESOL: progress towards a qualified workforce





Adult numeracy: A review of research





Research briefing: Numeracy






New Light on Literacy and Numeracy: full report


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