Proposed Skills for Life Survey 2008 – Options Paper No 2

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This paper is intended to accompany its earlier and more detailed companion: Proposed Skills for Life Survey 2008 – Options Paper: Draft. With the exception of section 3, in which we specify the development work we recommend and the rationale for that, much of the methodological detail previously presented is omitted here.
In section 2 we provide the context for our recommendations, setting out the requirements, constraints and resources we took account of. Section 3 sets out our primary proposal; that is, a pre-pilot evaluation of the instruments to be taken forwards into the piloting phase of the 2008 Skills for Life Survey. Sections 4-6 provide further details of the recommended development work in relation to literacy, numeracy and ICT. In section 7 we briefly discuss the piloting phase (which we presume will be undertaken on a CAPI instrument developed by the field work agency involved in the survey) before summarising our primary recommendations in section 8.

J. Bynner, G. Brooks, D. Coben, H. Mellar, A. de Coulon, S. Parsons & J. Vorhaus (January 2008). Proposed Skills for Life Survey. NRDC, London


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