Mapping of ESOL in Enfield


In April 2011, the National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC), Institute of Education, London was commissioned by Enfield Community Learning (ECLS) to look into the provision and need for ESOL learning in the borough and to report on:

  •  ESOL provision in Enfield by provider type/level/sources of funding/target groups/ward location
  •  The need/demand for ESOL by priority groups
  •  Gaps in provision
  •  Barriers preventing priority groups from accessing ESOL
  •  Groups with ESOL needs not accessing existing provision
  •  Opportunities for progression across the borough

Mapping of ESOL in Enfield: A report for Enfield Community Learning Service, London Borough of Enfield (July 2011), NRDC: London

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