Reflect 10: ESOL


‘Reflect’, the magazine of the National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC) provided a forum for dialogue between research, policy and practice.

Special Report: ESOL
ESOL today: politics, pedagogy and performance measurement 4
Helen Sunderland

Linking language to work: new routes for learners 6
Rob Gray

Prison provision: coping with increasing demand 7
Jo Fisher, Jackie Harvey and Judy Fitt

The 50-language challenge 8
Interview: Sue Saxton

It’s not just the numbers 10
Noyona Chanda

English for Work–the qualification for ESOL learner employees 11
Neena Julka and Anders Timms

Troika: a three-handed approach 12
Simon Mahoney

e-learning for ESOL 14
Jo Kirby and Jenny Hunt

More on ‘More than a language…’ 15
Peter Lavender

Where were you last week? 16
Sarah Malins

Putting it into practice 19
Maggie Galliers and Louise Hazel

Empowerment through mathematics in the workplace 20
Celia Hoyles

Transforming knowledge into practice: making the 21 evidence count
Muriel Green

Listening and responding – revising the core curricula 23
Ross Cooper

Seeing yourself in print 24
David Mallows and Anne Chester, with Vicky Duckworth

Learning in disguise 26
Barry Norris

Crossing the Rubicon – learner motivation and persistence 27
Marcin Lewandowski

Reviews 28
Books: Brian Street on Measures of success; Jane Mace on Developing adult literacy; Margaret Siudek on ESOL: the context for the UK today; Pam Frame on A critical history of ESOL.
Research: Alice MacGregor on Effective learning for adults with learning difficulties.
Prime sites: Brian Creese on the National Learning Network

Obituary: Roy Kwabena 33

Reflect Issue 10, March 2008. NRDC: London

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