Reflect 9: Workplace Learning


‘Reflect’, the magazine of the National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC) provided a forum for dialogue between research, policy and practice.

Special Report: Workplace Learning
Made-to-measure rather than one-size-fits-all 4
Sue Southwood

Tube driver’s learning journey 6
Sue Southwood

McDonald’s staff get a taste for learning 6
David Fairhurst

Year of progress for TUC 8
Judith Swift

Renovation required 9
Fiona Freel

How learning boosts employee confidence 10
Alison Wolf and Ed Waite

Upskilling Down Under 12
John Benseman

Marginalised by lack of skills 13
John Bynner

NRDC and NIACE unveil five practitioner guides 16
Sue Grief

Interview with LLUK’s David Hunter 18
JD Carpentieri

Dogged determination not always enough 20
Jenny Litster and Desiree Lopez

Pinning down embedding 22
Helen Casey

Reviews 23
Prime Sites: Brian Creese checks out the talent website.
Books: Sara Hattersley weighs the Basic Skills Agency’s Starter Pack.
A reading challenge for coffee drinkers

Letters 26
NRDC in print 27

Reflect Issue 9, Nov 2007. NRDC: London

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