Reflect 6: Effective Practice


‘Reflect’, the magazine of the National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC) provided a forum for dialogue between research, policy and practice.

Special Report: Effective Practice

What is good practice in Skills for Life? 4
John Vorhaus with contributions from Greg Brooks, Maxine Burton, Sue Grief, Jon Swain, Mike Baynham, Celia Roberts, Mel Cooke, James Simpson, Maria Kambouri and Harvey Mellar

Insights from a practitioner-researcher 9
Sue Nieduszynska

Startling benefits from embedding 10
Tom Jupp

Findings that vocational staff must heed 12
David Wylie

Uses and misuses of formative assessment 13
Kathryn Ecclestone

Practitioner research: just a fling… or a long-term relationship? 14
Mary Hamilton with contributions from Jenny Wedgbury, Bronwen Ray, James McGoldrick and Cheryl Dillon

Voices on the page 18
Samantha Duncan

Unions catch the learning bug 20
Judith Swift

From generation to generation 22
John Bynner and Samantha Parsons

Quick Reads 24
Kay Jackaman

ESOL classrooms offer a refuge 26
David Mallows

Adult numeracy in the United States 28
Anestine Hector-Mason, Katherine Safford-Ramus and Diana Coben

Reviews 30
Prime Sites: What is Wikipedia? by Karen Sheard Book: Changing Faces of Adult Literacy, Language and Numeracy: a critical history by Mary Hamilton and Yvonne Hillier. Reviewed by Juliet Merrifield

Research notes 33
Letters 34
Glossary 35

Reflect Issue 6, Oct 2006. NRDC: London

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