Reflect 2: numeracy and maths


‘Reflect’, the magazine of the National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC) provided a forum for dialogue between research, policy and practice.

The big theme of Issue 2 of reflect is numeracy and maths, both in the special feature and also in the Maths4Life update.


Issues in adult numeracy 4
Noyona Chanda

Images of numeracy 6

Resources, pedagogy and jobs 8
Alison Wedgbury

What is good practice in adult numeracy teaching? 10
Jon Swain

Introducing Reflect 13
Desiree Lopez

Using the Reflect approach in ESOL 14
Kate Newman

Reflect in a global society 15
Phyllis Thompson

Literacy and the life-course 16
Stephen Reder

Embedded teaching and learning 18
Tom Jupp and Celia Roberts

Voices from the classroom 22

Learners’ first language in the ESOL classroom 23
Olivia Sagan and Helen Casey

Learning to write in 21st century England 24
Ursula Howard

The ILP debate

ILPs: option or requirement? 27

ILPs: a trivialisation of teaching and learning? 29
Mary Weir

ILPs: related to real life? 31
Neena Julka

Teacher researchers 33
David Barton

Reflect Issue 2, February 2005. NRDC: London

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