Using learning styles in adult numeracy

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This report focuses on the perceptions and experiences of a group of adult numeracy teachers who took part in a training programme provided by LLU+ at London South Bank University which demonstrated learning styles approaches in the teaching of numeracy and included the introduction of a ‘Learning Styles Toolkit’ produced by LLU+.

The LLU+ Learning Styles Toolkit for Teaching and Learning is a set of professionally-produced resources and guidance material designed to exemplify visual, tactile and kinaesthetic activity-based approaches to the teaching and learning of adult literacy, numeracy and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).

The aim of the research project was to investigate participants’ perceptions and understanding of learning styles and to assess how far these changed in the course of the programme. The underlying interest is in researching improvements in the practice of numeracy teaching.

Kirby, J. & Sellers, T. (2006) Using learning styles in adult numeracy: an exploration of their value and potential in teacher training. NRDC: London