Progression: Moving on in life and learning

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This report contributes to broader understandings of progression and personalisation and how these are linked, by exploring people╩╝s experience of support in their learning and progression both inside and outside of the classroom. This report builds on earlier NRDC studies, in particular The Learner Study and the Adult Learners╩╝ Lives Project. The study also links closely to other NRDC studies which contribute to understandings of progression in both formal and informal learning contexts: the Progression from Non-counting Provision to Counting Provision Project, which looks at issues around moving from provision which does not count towards the national targets onto provision which does count; the Motivating Skills for Life Learners to Persist, Progress and Achieve Project (the PPA Project); and the Priority Groups Project which explores provision and experiences of learning of people in priority groups, including the homeless.

Hodge, R., Barton, D. & Pearce, L. (2010) Progression: moving on in life and learning. Research report. NRDC: London

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