Five years on: Research, development and changing practice. NRDC 2006-7


Five Years On is organised around key areas of post-16 policy in education, skills and social inclusion, including World Class Skills: Implementing the Leitch Review of Skills in England (2007). Woven into these is knowledge derived from NRDC’s research and development activities to support real change: how to shift to a more demand-led system, engaging employers and learners in ways which best support them; how to sustain the motivation of learners; how to reach the most needy and least qualified groups; how to tackle the critical area of numeracy, needed ever more in the workplace and in daily life. And how Skills for Life can support a more inclusive, diverse and cohesive society.

Carpentieri, J. D. (2007) Five years on: research, development and changing practice: NRDC 2006-7. NRDC: London