Measurement was not taught when they built the pyramids – was it?

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This report describes the workings and findings of the National Research and Development Centre for Adult Numeracy and Literacy (NRDC) teacher-researcher project: Teaching and learning common measures, especially at entry level, conducted over nearly two years, from 2002 to 2004. The project was established by the NRDC, which has sought to raise the level of research and development for adult numeracy in England. The project’s overall aim was to establish the features of successful learning and teaching of measurement, especially at entry level.
Specific objectives were:

1. To investigate the learning of measures, especially at entry level through: a) eliciting and analysing learners’ accounts of their learning; and
b) teacher-researcher/fieldworkers’ observations of their students learning.
2. To identify teaching strategies to help adults learn measurement, especially at entry level through trialling and evaluating different approaches.
3. To produce and trial supporting learning materials.
4. To build research capacity through the use of teacher-researchers/fieldworkers.

Baxter, M. (2006) Measurement was not taught when they built the pyramids – was it? NRDC: London