NRDC Strategy 2003-2007


This publication sets out the initial strategy of the National Research and Development Centre for adult literacy and numeracy (NRDC).

NRDC’s strategy is the result of consultation, debate and reviews of existing knowledge and research activity in literacy, language and numeracy. It is an ambitious strategy and we are excited by the challenge of delivering it successfully. We are committed to working closely with all our partners in the research and policy communities, and with practitioners and learners engaged in Skills for Life. We want to blend rigour with risk; careful analysis and hard facts with innovation and risk; and anticipate learning needs for a fast-changing future. The opportunity to learn and to practice literacy and numeracy and use the English language successfully is a critically important right for every person, as well as for the economic and social well-being of the country. We hope to contribute to making more and better opportunities and a rich and growing culture of literacy and numeracy practices for everyone in our society.”
Ursula Howard, NRDC Director

Skills for Life was an all embracing literacy, language and numeracy strategy, covering all 16+ learners on pre-entry up to Level 2, discrete and embedded provision, classroom, community and voluntary and work based learning with assessment through Key Skills, GCSE Maths and English and Adult Literacy and Numeracy Skills certification.

(2003) Strategy 2003-2007: generating knowledge and transforming it into practice.NRDC: London