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Voices on the Page

In this storybank you will find the complete collection of writing sent in to 'Voices on the Page' from students in adult literacy and language classes all over England. Please feel free to download and share with other students - remembering, of course, that the copyright rests with the authors. And please contact us to share ways in which you’ve used the stories with your learners.


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Author Title Theme
Aaron Douglas Tiny's Jail Poem being me
Abdi Aden What does it mean to be alive today? collaborative
Abdikarin Geedi Never take risks homes, old, new
Adriana Jankowska How will the 20th century be remembered in the future? hopes, dreams, achievements
Ahmed Juma Holiday days, we, remember
Akhtiyar Slewa Fatma's paradise the heart, love, hate, happiness
Alan Horrocks Well, it started as a hobby friends, family
Alan Norse Memories of my school life childhood
Alan Stevens Me being me
Alexandra Ersekova My dream of English hopes, dreams, achievements
Ali A Al Khbai A place I like homes, old, new
Ali Bhatti, Gerald Graham, Charles Murraine, Ikey Guishard and Thomas Teiko Dream of the living / Am I dreaming? collaborative
Ali Samey A place I like homes, old, new
Alice Lewin My favourite Jamaican Recipe: Curry Goat homes, old, new
Alice Tumbapo Love in my life the heart, love, hate, happiness
Alison Jack The Blizzard nature
Allan Hancock Crocodiles nature
Amanda Hirst Tuppence nature
Amanda Wood Tony's Story days, we, remember
Amani Abd Elmoneim Untitled being me

Results: 1 - 20 of 823 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 [...] - Page: 1 of 42