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ESOL funding changes e-Petition

Date posted: 13 February 2013

NATECLA urges you to re-post and sign the petition against proposed government changes to funding for ESOL provision.

Responsible department: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

We urge the government to reconsider the latest changing to funding rules for ESOL.

Until now courses have been funded according to the number of hours we need per level/per exam. This has given us the flexibility to run the same exam over 1 semester or 1 year and to allocate hours accordingly. They will now be 'listed' with a maximum amount of hours per part of a qualification attached.

The listed rate (number of hours given to a course) is significantly lower than we need to teach successfully:

A 5 hpw course doing a S&L exam is currently 180 hours.

The new rate will give a S&L course around 50 hours .

THIS IS A HUGE CUT and It is being pushed through the back door.

We urge the government to allow ESOL to remain unlisted and not cut funding by reducing Guided Learning Hours.

I challenge government ministers to learn to listen to and speak Somali at E1 level and pass an exam with 50 hours of teaching.

Sign the petition here