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New Numeracy Campaign

Date posted: 02 March 2012

National Numeracy is a new, independent organisation, unique in its commitment to transforming attitudes and achievement in numeracy across the age range. In particular it focuses on those with low levels of numeracy.

National Numeracy aims to transform public attitudes so that poor maths ability is not seen as a badge of honour. It believes that it is essential that the importance of good numeracy - and the possibility of it being achieved - is recognised.

It also wants to see a measurable transformation in maths at school and numeracy for adults.

National Numeracy will work with key partners in a range of fields to achieve these aims, raising awareness of the issue and campaigning for improvements.

It will also work on a practical level to spread the word on good ideas that really work and highlight where change and new ideas are badly needed. And it will work with partners on a small number of trial projects to improve numeracy - in schools, with families and in adult learning.

National Numeracy believes that, if it succeeds in these aims, the UK can significantly improve its international skills ranking.

The NRDC website has 91 reports relevant to numeracy

National Numeracy is a registered company (company no: 7886294) and charity (charity no: 1145669). Founding sponsors are the Nationwide Building Society, the Rayne Foundation, Oxford University Press and John Lyon's Charity.

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