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2005 Keynote Speakers Presentations

John Comings (Harvard and NCSALL Director) - Biography

Learner Persistence (ppt 379 KB)


John Bynner (Institute of Education) - Biography

Use of large-sale life-time longitudinal studies for researching adult literacy and numeracy (ppt 2.89 MB)


David Barton (University of Lancaster) - Biography

Detailed ethnographies and what they offer practice - illustrated through Adult Learners' Lives (ppt 272 KB)

Ben Levin (Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Education) - Biography

How Governments Make Policy Choices (ppt 1.21 MB)


Allan Luke (National Institute of Education, Singapore) - Biography

Globalisation, policy, literacy, pedagogy (ppt 7.98 MB)

Pdf version (125 KB) of Globalisation, policy, literacy, pedagogy - (Lower file size for those who have trouble downloading the ppt version above due to high file size.  NB. In order to reduce file size, most of the pictures and charts have been taken out of this version.)

Jo Hargreaves (National Centre for Vocational Education) - Biography

Adult Literacy and Numeracy: research and directions in Australia (ppt 358 KB)

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