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Transcripts of Interviews

Measures transcripts of interviews

Here we give some samples of the project's data: interview transcripts and notes by the teacher-researchers and researcher. We hope this will give readers a better idea of the sources on which we draw in the report, and in selecting the data, we have sought to illustrate the wide range of students' opinions and experience. At least one document from each site and each interviewer is included.

The students' names are pseudonyms. You are welcome to use extracts to start discussions with other people.

HMP Brixton

  • Notes by the teacher-researcher (rtf 23.6 KB), Mark Baxter, on a class.
  • Notes returned to students (rtf 81.3 KB). After interviews, the team returned a transcript, tape copy or both to participants. This is a copy of the researcher's notes (we couldn't tape at Brixton), returned to Brixton students.

Westminster Kingsway College

  • Interview (rtf 18.7 KB) between two students, Kamar and Malcolm, and the teacher-researcher, Eamon Leddy.
  • Interview (rtf 33.2 KB) between the researcher, Alison Tomlin, and three students.

Lambeth College

  • Interview (rtf 16.3 KB)between a student, Paul, and the teacher-researcher, Liz Richards.
  • Group discussion (rtf 24.3 KB) about measures.

South Thames College

HMP Belmarsh

  • An experiment of making tiles: an account (rtf 8.40 KB) by Abs, a student, of work on the pottery project.
  • Interview (rtf 24.7 KB) between a student, Fergus, and the teacher-researcher, Topo Wresniwiro.

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