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About NRDC

NRDC is the national independent centre for adult literacy, numeracy and ESOL. Its aim is to improve professional practice and inform policy, from a robust evidence base. Widely recognised for its expertise within England, the centre has an international reputation and works across the UK and worldwide.

Who we are

NRDC was initially established in 2002 by the UK government as part of its Skills for Life strategy to improve the literacy, numeracy and language skills of adults in England. | see History for more detail.

NRDC has a strong national and international reputation, and benefits from dynamic partnerships with a wide range of research centres and national agencies. | see Who we work with for more detail.

Based at the University of London's Institute of Education, NRDC was joined in 2008 by the London Strategic Unit for the Learning and Skills Workforce (LSU), further strengthening our development expertise. | see NRDC Staff Team for more detail.

What we offer

At NRDC we aim to improve practice in adult literacy, language and numeracy teaching and learning by creating a strong research culture and by developing professional practice. | see Aims for more detail.

NRDC offers research and consultancy expertise to a variety of funders in the public, private and third sectors.  | see Who we work with for more detail.

We have extensive experience in advising on policy and practice and have delivered projects ranging from longitudinal research. | see Research and Development for more detail.

About this website

This website is designed to provide a resource for all those interested in adult literacy, language and numeracy. It provides a first point of call for communicating with NRDC. | read more.

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