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Learners' Writing

Dear reflect

I read with interest the article 'Seeing yourself in print' (issue 10) and couldn't agree more with what was written about the benefits of using learners' writing as a teaching tool. I thought other readers might like to know about a website - www.writingabout.net - which allows learners to share their stories and comment on each others' work. It started off as a literacy learners' site but is now used by all types of learner and there are over 500 articles online. Use the 'Article Comments' link to see what learners are saying about their fellow learners' stories and poems. Or click on the 'Learning's Good' link to see the winners of the Adult Learners' Week 2007 competition. I add 'Webmaster Comments' to each of the articles to try and encourage comments. There is nothing better than a learner who is doing literacy or ESOL, having to read an article, form an opinion and then 'pen' a reply. This involves the key skill of critical reading. Take a look! We would love more people to comment on the articles.

Iain Yuill
Community Learning Worker
South Lanarkshire

What do you think?

Whatever it is you would like to contribute - comments on an article, ideas you want to share, issues you're concerned about - we want to hear from you*.

*Articles or letters for reflect should be sent to Moya Wilkie, NRDC, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL or email m.wilkie@ioe.ac.uk

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