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Teaching and learning in practice: project reports

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Using voting technology for assessment - Sally Betts and Maria Kambouri
'Bestimation': Using basic calculators in the classroom - Barbara Newmarch, Valerie Rhodes and Diana Coben
Collaborative writing - Sue Grief
Reflection and action in ESOL classrooms - Melanie Cooke and Celia Roberts
Oral fluency for adults - Maxine Burton

Developing adult teaching and learning: Practitioner guides (co-published with NIACE)

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ESOL - Melanie Cooke and Celia Roberts
Numeracy - Jon Swain, Barbara Newmarch and Oonagh Gormley
Reading - Maxine Burton
Using ICT - Barbara Nance, Maria Kambouri and Harvey Mellar
Writing - Sue Grief and Jan Chatterton

The following four new practitioner guides will be available shortly:

Working with young adults - Bethia McNeil
Responding to people's lives - Yvon Appleby and David Barton
Reaching out: relating lives and learning in adult literacy, language and numeracy teaching in the community - Yvon Appleby
Embedding - Helen Casey, Mary Conway, Sue Grief and Desiree Lopez

The publications listed here can be ordered from the publications page of the NRDC website www.nrdc.org.uk. To be sent free copies and/or to be added to our mailing list, email us at publications@nrdc.org.uk


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