Reflect 1: Individual Learning Plans

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‘Reflect’, the magazine of the National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC) provided a forum for dialogue between research, policy and practice.


Individual Learning Plans: fit for purpose? 4
Philida Schellekens

Diversity, ILPs, and the art of the possible 6
John Callaghan

ILPs in ESOL; theory, research and practice 8
Helen Sunderland and Meryl Wilkins

Informal education, action planning and ILPs 10
Bethia McNeil

Literacy frees the world 12
Tom Sticht

Investigating dyslexia 14
David Mallows

Developmental dyslexia in adults: a research review 17
Greg Brooks

Learning to write in 19th century England 18
Ursula Howard

How can we get critical feedback from students? 21
Alison Tomlin

The textualised workplace 22
Hermine Scheers

WebQuests, m-learning and CyberLabs 23
Harvey Mellor and Maria Kambouri

Introducing WebQuests with ESOL learners 24
Cathy Clarkson

Hip Hop megastars blend with Blake and Beowulf in FE classrooms in Sheffield 26
Julie Hooper

What is ethnography? 29
David Barton

Publications 30

Glossary 31

Reflect Issue 1, October 2004. NRDC: London

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